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Don't just manage your revenue cycle.


End-to-End healthcare billing solution.

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RCM that Fits into Your Practice Seamlessly.

Our revenue cycle management services seamlessly fit into your practice. No need for complicated interfaces, expensive start ups costs, or a long term contract. 

GroupOne's teams of Certified Professional Coders and medical billing reimbursement specialists provide complete medical billing services on your existing EHR software or we can help you switch to the award winning eClinicalWorks EHR suite.

We've helped hundreds of practices overcome declining reimbursement, low collections, and high denials. Gain 24/7 transparency into the status of your claims and see how GroupOne's teams of expert medical billers can increase your revenue.

Experienced Medical Billing Services

RCM Experience to Help Your Revenue Grow

Medical Billing Claims Submission
 2Million+ Claims Submitted
Medical Billing Net Collection Rate
100%+ Net Collection Rate
Medical Billing First Pass Acceptance
98% First Pass Acceptance
Advanced Revenue Cycle Management Business Analytics

Find hidden revenue opportunities.

See what advanced revenue cycle management and business analytics can do for your practice.

Gain actionable intelligence with integrated operational, financial and clinical analytics that help you identify new revenue opportunities, streamline processes, identify bottlenecks, and track strategic initiatives.

You'll be able to measure key performance indicators and proactively manage the performance of various facilities, providers, payers and more with GroupOne's RCM services suite.

GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"We have been very happy since our switch to GroupOne. 
Not only do we get eClinicalWorks with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid."
-Dr. Dana Tavaniello, Sunshine Pediatrics 

A Next Generation EHR

eClinicalWorks is a fully unified EHR suite that has all of the functionality needed to support practices & enterprise groups of all sizes and specialties. It's more than a way to go paperless and is a Top Rated EHR in overall satisfaction and usability according to American EHR.

See how eClinicalWorks is changing the game with 10e.

View eClinicalWorks 10e

eClinicalWorks EHR Overall Satisfaction
eClinicalWorks EHR Usability


Many features within the EMR can be configured on a per provider basis. This means eClinicalWorks will accommodate how the providers like to work; not the other way around.

eClinicalWorks Customizable Templates

Device Integration

eClinicalWorks 10e offers device integration within your Web browser. With 10e, you get more than just a PDF result – you are able to capture structured data for current and past results, complete trend analysis, and create flowsheets that result in enhanced patient care.

eClinicalWorks Device Integration


In support of its commitment to patient engagement, eClinicalWorks launched a $25 million patient engagement initiative in February 2013. This initiative is dedicated to developing healow™ that provides a suite of tools focused on making communication between providers and patients secure, easy, and convenient.

eClinicalWorks Healow

Leaders in eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services

eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Services

As a Gold Certified Reseller of eClinicalWorks and experienced revenue cycle management company, GroupOne is the billing service of choice for eClinicalWorks EHR users. Our plug and play eClinicalWorks revenue cycle management services are easy to get started with so you can see revenue results faster.

eClinicalWorks Certified Professional Coders
Certified Professional Coders
CPCs review every claim to ensure accuracy and provide education to help you achieve maximum reimbursement.
eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Resources
eClinicalWorks Resources
eClinicalWorks Certified trainers and implementation specialists can help you increase EHR productivity.
eClinicalWorks Denial Management
Denial Management
Proactive & reactive eClinicalWorks denial management services help your practice reduce AR and increase collections.
See eClinicalWorks Billing Features

Why GroupOne Health Source for RCM?

Payers are not paying the contracted rates, denied claims are not being appealed, timely filing is causing lost revenue and not to mention finding qualified labor is nearly impossible. Our customers believe there is an easier way to control the revenue cycle management process and there is with GroupOne Health Source.
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Solutions for Every Size


Small Practice Medical Billing Services

A team of experts and customized pricing sturcture to help your practice grow while keeping overhead low.

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Large Groups Medical Billing Services

Powerful reporting, complete transparency, and a dedicated account liaison to give you the resources needed to succeed.

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Hospital Network Medical Billing Services

Partner with an industry leader in RCM to help manage revenue at multiple locations and accelerate growth.

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Enterprise Medical Billing Services

Identify revenue opportunities and improve financial outcomes with true business performance management.

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GroupOne's revenue cycle management services help your practice streamline processes and  identify new revenue opportunities. 

Stay Up to Date on Trends in Healthcare and RCM

Arm yourself with knowledge on RCM, PQRS, MIPS, and more.


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