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St. Joseph Selects GroupOne for EHR Medical Billing Services 

One of northern Texas's healthcare leaders chooses leading RCM and EHR billing specialist for medical practice billing services.

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Full-Service EHR Medical Billing, EHR Sales & Implementation, Transcription and Consulting Firm

GroupOne Health Source is focused on the business side of medicine, so that our customers can concentrate on patient care. With GroupOne's products and services, healthcare practices are able to:

full service RCM
  • Maximize revenues
  • Control costs
  • Reduce compliance risks 
  • Streamline operations

GroupOne Health Source is one of the first firms in the industry to offer Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services specifically designed for EHR users. GroupOne is also one of the largest medical billing firms that specializes in the eClinicalWorks EHR software. Our dedicated staff members use eClinicalWorks daily giving GroupOne a unique advantage when handling the billing functions within the award winning system.

Our goal is to maximize overall collections for your practice. As a "Gold Certified" eClinicalWorks partner with dedicated eClinicalWorks EHR billing experts, certified trainers, implementation and support personnel on staff, GroupOne is well positioned to improve your net collections. 

All-in-One Medical Practice Solution

eClinicalWorks EHR + Medical Billing Services

When you combine the eClinicalWorks® EHR system with GroupOne’s complete revenue cycle management services, the fee, including software support and maintenance, is equal to a flat percentage of the practice’s collection.
Learn how OneRate helped Soffer Heart Institute decrease billing costs by 35%
Dr. Ariel Soffer
"I would highly recommend GroupOne's OneRate program to all practices. The unique package has made a significant impact to our bottom line."

Dr. Ariel Soffer
Founder & Board Certified Cardiovascular Specialist
Soffer Heart Institute.
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