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Five Meaningful Use Helpful Hints

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | April 14, 2011

Below is information on Meaningful Use that might be of interest to you and your practice:

  1. An EP (eligible professional) can participate in PQRS (formally PQRI) and EMRMU/ePrescribe and receive 2 incentive checks.  The EP will NOT receive a separate check for ePrescribe and EMR/MU.  If the EP is registered for EMR/MU incentive they will automatically not receive the ePrescribe incentive since ePrescribing is a mandatory part of the EMR/MU incentive.
  2. A client must Attest that they have used an EMR "meaningfully" for a period of 90 days in 2011.  If they attest by mid month (of any month) they will receive their incentive check by mid month of the following month.  For example if they attest on April 10th they will receive their check by May 20th.
  3. The certification # for eCW will be needed when the EP attests.
  4. The 90 day period of meaningful use in 2011  can not fall over into 2012.  That means an EP must use an EMR "meaningfully" for 90 days in 2011 so the EP HAS to be installed by Oct 1, 2011 to receive a check for this year.  If they do not get installed by that time they will have to wait until Jan/Feb 2013 to attest that they used their EMR "meaningfully" for the entire year of 2012.  They only have a period of 60 days in 2013 (Jan/Feb) to attest for 2012.  Remember only for the year of 2011 does the EP only have to use the EMR meaningfully for 90 days.  After 2011 they are required to use it for the entire year and show proof of that.
  5. The EP only has to register for MU once but has to Attest every year in order to get their checks.

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