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Benefits of a Unified EMR System

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | February 9, 2012

We at GroupOne can appreciate what a daunting task it can be to compare all the various electronic medical records (EMR) systems currently available in the marketplace. An “apples to apples” comparison of features and usability can be difficult and costly if the EMR system selected does not meet the unique needs of your specific practice. Many of our customers ultimately choose GroupOne and eClinicalWorks because eClinicalworks is built in ONE unified application, ONE database.

Advantages of a unified system include:

  • A future appointment requested by the doctor from the EMR will flow to the patient check-out screen to schedule the next follow-up appointment
  • The office visit screen – shows all of the patients to be seen that day on one screen, shows if they are arrived in the office, shows why the patient is coming in and shows the doctor all notes for the day that have been “finished or not finished”
  • Easy navigation
  • eClinicalworks only requires only one login to access the entire system
  • Registry reporting (see screen shots for example) Allows you to pull reports for any clinical data put into eClinicalworks
  • Patient portal with eClinicalworks is part of the system, syncs with eClinicalworks (not third party)
  • Multiple layouts for consult note – and you can fax consult notes directly from your visit
  • eClinicalworks pricing is more competitive
  • Order Sets (see attachment). Creates customized “shopping lists” of treatment plans (can be customized by provider or shared among the group)
  • eCliniSense- artificial intelligence built into the system