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eClinicalWorks Video Demonstration - PM and Billing Tips

Written by Keith Lage | September 19, 2011

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In depth demo of eClinicalWorks’s practice management features with EHR billing tips from GroupOne's Dianne Swanson.

Dianne Swanson is a highly regarded medical practice consultant.  She has consulted with practices nationwide, focusing on maximizing eClinicalWorks revenue cycle management functions.  As president of GroupOne Health Source, Inc.  Dianne's revenue cycle management experience has helped hundreds of practices overcome eCW RCM challenges such as declining reimbursement, low cash flow, and lack of EHR optimization. GroupOne is a “Gold Certified” eClinicalWorks implementation and sales partner that specializes in medical billing services on the eClinicalWorks system and provides billing services to hundreds of eClinicalWorks users.

In this eClinicalWorks practice management demonstration, Dianne will walk you through the eClinicalWorks PM software to give you a better feel for the billing part of eCW. Dianne will start with eCW billing setup and then go into applying rules to insurance companies, assigning claim numbers to encounters, and posting payments.