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EMR Roundtable: HIStalk Practice Panel Highlights

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | July 12, 2012

The HIStalk Practice Advisory Panel is a group of physicians, ambulatory care professionals, and a few vendor executives who have volunteered to provide their thoughts on topical issues relevant to physician practices. 

If you work for a practice, you are welcome to join the panel. Many thanks to the HIStalk Practice Advisory Panel members for willingness to participate.

For this report, panel members were asked about their experiences with EMRs and other technologies. Their responses have been edited for brevity and to ensure their anonymity.

What’s the one highly useful feature of your EMR that others may not have?

I use eClinicalWorks and the one highly useful feature that other EMRs may not have is “eclinisense” in which the EMR remembers every RX, procedure, diagnostic image, and written advice per diagnosis for every single note you have ever written. You don’t have to write any template for the diagnosis (called an “order set” in eCW). To use it, you just put in a diagnosis and then click one button and it will show you everything you have ever done for that diagnosis or everything another provider in your practice has done for that diagnosis. You can also suppress any entry to customize the results. The value in eclinisense is that while you might write templates for common diagnoses, eclinisense works behind the scenes for every diagnosis and does so without any work on your part.

eClinicalWorks: easily customizable templates to fit my workflow.

We use eClinicalWorks and I love the MAQ Dashboard, i.e. the Meaningful Use, Adoption, and Quality dashboard. It calculates all Meaningful Use measures that require a denominator and numerator. It’s offered at no additional cost and each provider can go straight to their dashboard when logged into the application. Sure, we’ve spent a fair bit of time QAing the calculations and working with eCW to resolve some issues, but it is a very nice tool.”

The registry function, when it actually works! That and the integrated Provider2Provider and Patient Portal functionality (again, when it works). If you haven’t guessed it yet, our primary EHR is eClinicalworks.