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eClinicalWorks P2P - Connect the Docs

Written by Nicole Laucks | August 4, 2012

Let’s face it - communication and clinical data exchange between providers is an inefficient process. How much time is lost on the phone, calling to gather information or to make a referral appointment? How much time is wasted scanning and faxing patient documents back and forth between providers and specialists? Time is money, correct? There has to be a better way.

Introducing eClinicalWorks P2P™ 

eClinicalWorks P2P is a network that gives providers the freedom to connect and collaborate with virtually any provider with Internet access. Whether it’s the practice across the street, across town or across the country, eClinicalWorks P2P is the perfect solution for sharing information, sending referrals and reserving appointments.

The eClinicalWorks P2P network is limitless - you decide where it begins and where it ends. Like most popular social networks, the process of building your network is based on invitations and connections. You decide who to invite to join your network, and whose network you join. The eClinicalWorks P2P is simple and secure.

Not only will eClinicalWorks P2P allow for communication between eClinicalWorks practices but it allows any provider to communicate with other providers that may not be using eClinicalWorks.

What’s new with eClinicalWorks P2P?

The network that’s growing every day is improving every day, with new features and functionality that are revolutionizing the way physicians interact with fellow physicians. 

eClinicalWorks P2P can improve your practice workflow, increase efficiency and can help you achieve your Meaningful Use goals.

The latest enhancements to eClinicalWorks P2P include:

  • Ability to download standard continuity of care document (CCD XML) files from the P2P Portal and from within eClinicalWorks EHR for Meaningful Use
  • On Behalf Of feature lets you designate and delegate your P2P tasks
  • A new Administration tool to monitor users on the P2P Network
  • Redesigned Portal with expanded features and easier navigation
  • The debut of Providers You May Know, which recommends network users based on your criteria