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EHR Meaningful Use Stage 2 New Core Objectives

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | September 17, 2012

With the HITECH Stage 2 Meaningful Use Criteria release a few weeks ago, doctors have been scrambling to learn what the Stage 2 criteria mean to their individual practice.  Many are asking, how does Stage 2 differ from Stage 1?  The experts at GroupOne Health Source have reviewed the legislation and have provided some key changes between the Core and Menu Set criteria of Stage 2 when compared to Stage 1.

Stage 1 Menu Set - Stage 2 Core Set

  • Provide a summary of care record
  • Provide timely electronic access to their health information within 4 business days
  • Send patient reminders to all patients, regardless of age, with two or more office visits within the 24 months prior to the beginning of the EHR reporting period were sent a reminder, per patient preference
  • Perform Medication Reconciliation
  • Incorporate lab results with either a positive/negative or numerical format as structured data
  • Generate patient lists for multiple patient-specific paramaters
  • Patients with an office visit are provided patient-specific education resources identified by CEHRT

New Stage 2 Core Set Criteria

  • Patients seen by the eligible provider (EP) actually view, download, or transmit their Health History to a third party within four business days of visit.
  • Use secure online messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information

New Stage 2 Menu Set Criteria (Must select 3 of 6)

  • Successful ongoing submission of electronic syndromic surveillance data from Certifield EHR Technology to a public health agency for the entire EHR reporting period
  • All tests with results that include one or more images ordered by the EP during the reportign period are accesible through Certified EHR Technology
  • Record patient family health history as structured data for one or more first-degree relatives
  • Successful ongoing submission of cancer case information from Certified EHR Technology to a cancer registry for the entire EHR reporting period
  • Successful ongoing submission of specific case information from Certified EHR Technology to a specialized registery (other than a cancer registry) for the entire EHR reporting period
  • Patients have electronic progress notes

Updated Stage 1 Core Set Criteria

  • Record vital signs
    • Updated Exclusions:
      • Practices can be exempted from entering height and weight
      • Practices can be exempted from entering bloog pressure
  • Report Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) electronically
    • This objective is incorporated directly into the definition of a meaningful EHR user and is eliminated as an independent measure.  All providers must select CQMs related to the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) from at least three of the six key health care policy domains recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services' National Quality Strategy:
      1. Patient and Family Engagement
      2. Patient Safety
      3. Care Coordination
      4. Population and Public Health
      5. Efficient Use of Healthcare Resources
      6. Clinical Processes/Effectiveness
  • e-Prescribing (eRx)
    • Any EP who does not have a pharmacy within their organization or within ten miles of their practice's location that accept electronic prescriptions at the start of the EHR reporting period are excluded

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