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There's an ICD-10 Code For That?

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | September 29, 2013

Burn Due to Water Skis on Fire? - There's an ICD-10 Code For That!

Struck by a Turtle? Walked Into a Lamppost? Hurt While Crocheting? Burn Due to Water Skis on Fire? – There’s a Code for that.

Don’t you hate those burns you get when your water skis catch on fire? Speaking of burning water skis, will your practice sink or swim through the ICD-10 transition? ICD-10 is a massive change and the impact cannot be understated for physicians and the financial health of their practices. GroupOne was there for our clients through 5010, for meaningful use and when they transitioned to paperless EHR systems. GroupOne’s RCM clients will not have to face the ICD-10 challenge alone. 

In addition to providing ICD-10 training sessions for its providers, GroupOne’s partner practices will also have access to ICD-10 trained certified coders and reimbursement experts, who will monitor coding and documentation for proper ICD-10 compliance. 

Furthermore, GroupOne will also provide its clients with access to clinical interface terminology technology.  The tool interfaces the standard ICD-9-CM / ICD-10 driven terminology in the EHR search with an improved 260,000+ term search that expresses clinical intent while at the same time providing the correct coding for the intent. 

The tool solves the problem of forcing clinicians to remember and use the often awkward and cumbersome ICD-9/ ICD-10 coding language when documenting in an EHR. A client survey shows the 93% of users are more satisfied with EHR when this tool is utilized. The tool also aids with Meaningful Use Compliance and is already mapped to ICD-10. This tool greatly simplifies the transition to ICD-10 for clinicians eliminating much of the need to learn a completely new coding terminology.  

Excerpts from an earlier Wall Street Journal article are included below. Some may find this interesting / amusing. ICD-10 is a good reason for medical practice to partner with a professional revenue cycle management (RCM) firm like GroupOne Health Source. 

 By ANNA WILDE MATHEWS - Wall Street Journal

Today, hospitals and doctors use a system of about 18,000 codes to describe medical services in bills they send to insurers. Apparently, that doesn't allow for quite enough nuance.

A Code for What Ails You

Search for diagnoses codes from the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, by typing in a keyword. We've provided a few to get you started.

A new federally mandated version will expand the number to around 140,000—adding codes that describe precisely what bone was broken, or which artery is receiving a stent.

It will also have a code for recording that a patient's injury occurred in a chicken coop. (See code.)

Indeed, health plans may never again wonder where a patient got hurt. There are codes for injuries in opera houses (see code), art galleries (see code), squash courts (see code) and nine locations in and around a mobile home (see codes), from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Health insurers, doctors and hospitals are bracing for chaos as they prepare to adopt a new federally mandated format for medical billing. Anna Wilde Mathews has details on Lunch Break.

Some doctors aren't sure they need quite that much detail. "Really? Bathroom versus bedroom?" says Brian Bachelder, a family physician in Akron, Ohio. "What difference does it make?"

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