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WEDI Survey a Snapshot of ICD-10 Implementation Status

Written by Kaitlyn Houseman | January 7, 2014

 “When compared to a similar WEDI survey given in February 2013, the healthcare industry has slipped further behind key ICD-10 compliance milestones suggested in the WEDI/NCHICA timeline,” the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) explained in a prepared statement.

The survey found that approximately 80 percent of participants will not even have completed their business changes or begun testing prior to 2014.  Only 40 percent of payers have yet to conduct an impact assessment.  About half of providers have even completed that impact assessment which is one of the initial steps recommended on the WEDI/NCHICA timeline for key ICD-10 compliance milestones.

WEDI chairman Jim Daley noted that “all healthcare industry segments appear to have made some progress since February 2013” in a letter to CMS office of eHealth standards and services director Robert Tagalicod.  Daley added that they “have not gained sufficient ground to remove concern over meeting the October 1, 2014 compliance deadline.”  However, it is difficult to ignore the numbers.

More than 20 percent of vendor respondents were halfway or less through their ICD-10 upgrades according to WEDI.  The February 2013 survey, however, noted that 50 percent of vendors were expecting to have met this milestone by now.  Another 40 percent said their products won’t be ready before 2014. 

WEDI did point out that this time around the survey gauged fewer participants than the previous two studies.  The most recent survey was composed of 353 respondents, 196 being providers, 59 vendors, and the remaining 98 are health plans.

Overall, the survey reveals the lack of preparation for ICD-10.  With a deadline of October 1, 2014, meeting the milestones suggested in the WEDI/NCHICA timeline are critical to avoiding significant disruption in practice revenue this coming October.