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How to Keep Patient Communication Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Strategies to Turn Patients Into Bill-Paying Customers

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 22, 2016

Revenue cycle management is a complex interaction of services, billing codes, benefit analysis, and successful invoicing. Historically, hospitals and most other providers received 90% of their reimbursement from insurance plans, with the patient portion receiving significantly less concern, since it was traditionally such a small part of overall revenues.
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Topics: Revenue Cycle Management, Self-Pay

5 Common Reasons for Claim Denials

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 21, 2016

When a patient's insurance claim is denied, not only can your cash flow be affected, the relationship with your patient can be damaged as well. Some claim denials can be successfully appealed, but even when appeals succeed, they can temporarily leave claim status up in the air - something both your practice and your patient would like to avoid.

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Topics: Revenue Cycle Management, Denial Management

Fee Schedule Dos and Don'ts

by Renzi Russell on March 17, 2016

What if I told you that your practice is missing out on revenue because of an outdated fee schedule? Would you know how to fix it? Unfortunately, many practices are losing revenue because of their fee schedule and they don’t know that updating it would improve their bottom line.

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Topics: Revenue Cycle Management

4 of the Top Challenges Healthcare CFOs Face (And Their Solutions)

by Keith Lage on March 16, 2016

Does any other industry face the extreme financial pressures healthcare providers routinely take on? Add to those pressures the Medicare and Medicaid cuts, healthcare IT changes, and new reimbursement methodologies, and the healthcare CFO has more on their plate than ever. Not only must CFOs deal with budget crunches and shrinking reimbursement, they have to do what every business CFO does and ensure their hospital or healthcare facility remains financially healthy.

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Topics: Revenue Cycle Management

10 Disruptive Healthcare Companies to Watch

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 10, 2016

Disruption by technology has affected more industries than it has left alone, and many involve things you do and use every day. For example, Facebook Messenger disrupted SMS messaging, Amazon disrupted eBooks, and Uber disrupted the taxi industry. Healthcare is no exception, experiencing disruption in the form of telemedicine, new devices, and new care delivery paradigms.

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Topics: Medical Business, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Telehealth

What You Need to Know About the Medicare Overpayment Rule

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 9, 2016

Remember in 2012 when CMS issued a rule requiring healthcare providers who discover past overpayments by Medicare or Medicaid to refund it within 60 days or risk the overpayment being labeled as a false claim? Well the final rule was published by CMS just last month (February). Here's what you need to know about the Medicare Overpayment Final Rule.

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Topics: Medical Business, Practice Management, CMS

Medicare EHR Incentive Program Attestation Deadline this Friday

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 9, 2016

Eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and critical access hospitals (CAHs) participating in the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program must attest using the Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System no later than Friday, March 11, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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Topics: CMS, Incentive Programs

How Medical Transcription is Bridging the ICD-10 Documentation Gap

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 8, 2016

It's been several months since the ICD-10 transition deadline, but that doesn't mean that every practice and hospital is fluent in ICD-10 just yet. With the number of codes increasing considerably from ICD-9 to ICD-10, and with longer codes that include far more specificity, it will take time for ICD-10 codes to become free-flowing and automatic, even among experienced coders.

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Topics: Revenue Cycle Management, ICD-10, Transcription

Tips for Monitoring and Managing Your Practice's A/R

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 7, 2016

Managing accounts receivable (AR) is challenging, and will be even more complicated as more people obtain coverage under high-deductible healthcare plans. Outstanding balances are growing, and collecting these balances is essential when it comes to increasing your practice's cash flow

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Topics: Practice Management, Denial Management

5 Most Effective Ways to Increase New Patient Referrals

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 2, 2016

Referrals offer a connection a little more solid than a new patient who finds you via Google search or in the Yellow Pages. When you get a word-of-mouth referral, your existing patient is acting as a "salesperson," and it costs you very little compared to the cost of advertising your practice. Increasing the number of referrals from patients can help fill your schedule and in turn grow your practice.
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Topics: Medical Business, Practice Management, Marketing

CMS Extends Hardship Exception Application Deadline

by Kaitlyn Houseman on February 29, 2016

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) has extended the deadline to July 1 for eligible professionals (EPs), eligible hospitals (EHs), and critical access hospitals (CAHs) to apply for a Medicare Electronic Health (EHR) Incentive Program Hardship Exemption.

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Topics: CMS, Incentive Programs

Telemedicine is Taking Off! Here's Why

by Kaitlyn Houseman on February 25, 2016

Healthcare is ever-changing. One advancement, telehealth, is one of the hottest trends in healthcare and technology right now. With the shortage of physicians, increase of chronic conditions, and the rising costs of healthcare, telehealth is becoming more necessary and useful than ever.

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Topics: Practice Management, Telehealth

Is Your Brand at Risk? How MIPS Can Impact Physician Brand

by Jeff Jones, CPHP on February 23, 2016

In our previous blog post, How MIPS Affects Physician Reimbursement, we introduced the topic of how MIPS will highlight a clinician’s brand and could possibly affect the amount of patients a clinician sees. This blog post dives deeper into this concept and explores what you can do to begin attacking MIPS now in order to establish a positive brand and start accepting new patients.

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Topics: Merit Based Incentive Payment System, Incentive Programs

5 Ancillary Services to Increase Your Practice Revenue

by Kathy Kuhn on February 21, 2016

Looking for new ways to grow your practice and increase revenue? It's not just a matter of drawing in more patients who need the medical services you provide. Many physicians have strategically determined ancillary services that can bring in more money from their existing client base in order to fight the neverending battle of declining reimbursement. 

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Topics: Medical Business, Practice Management

Talking HealthIT with Lee Farabaugh CIO at PointClear

by Kaitlyn Houseman on February 20, 2016

The healthcare industry is facing growing pains, especially where technology is concerned. We recently caught up with Lee Farabaugh, Chief Innovation Officer and EVP of Professional Services for PointClear Solutions to get her advice on what providers should be talking to their software vendors about.

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Topics: Practice Management

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