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Medical Transcription

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the turnaround time for transcribed files?

GroupOne has a “next day” turnaround time. Anything in by 8pm is back to you by 8am the next day. We do offer a STAT turnaround time that will get files back to you within 4 hours.


Can I use a digital recorder?

GroupOne provides two methods of dictating: Telephone - via a toll free number, physicians can dictate directly into servers that capture dictation. Doctors can also use handheld digital recorders. We typically encourage physicians to use recorders from the Olympus brand.


Can I access my transcribed files on-line?

Yes, GroupOne provides a software platform that will allow docs to view and edit files over the internet. Don’t worry, we use the latest in security measures to protect information and are completely HIPAA compliant.


Can I digitally sign these files?

Indeed! An additional feature of the web-based program is the ability to digitally sign documents. We can also fax these to referring physicians. Consult the page on transcription pricing for more information on faxing.


Who handles my account?

Every account is assigned to a team, and for the most part the transcription is handled by the same set of 4-5 transcriptionists (sometimes less than that) for a provider depending on the volume of work received, so it won’t be always new people rotating.  This way the delivery is not affected even if 1 or 2 were to go on leave.  The transcription guidelines/instructions specific to any provider is documented and made accessible to all the transcriptionists.


Do you provide a report of what has been dictated?

Yes, by utilizing our online portal.  If needed, we can provide a daily “confirmation list” which will have the list of dictations transcribed and submitted for the day. This would be helpful to track against the schedule for any dictations the doctor hasn’t submitted to us.


Do I do a separate dictation for each office visit?

Yes, it would be helpful if each office visit is in a separate dictation. More than one office visit in a single dictation would cause confusion and delay.


Do you have customer service?

Yes!  Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Clients may contact customer service via email, phone and fax. Queries received by customer support department will be responded to promptly.