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Medical Billing Services for eClinicalWorks Users

All-In-One Billing Solution for eClinicalWorks EHR Users

Medical Billing Services for eClinicalWorks Users


Accelerate Your Revenue

With GroupOne's eClinicalWorks revenue cycle managment services, your practice can focus more on caring for patients and worry less about getting paid. With studies indicating as much as 6-7% underpayment for physicians, partnering with eClinicalWorks medical coding and billing experts has never been more critical.

  • Decrease A/R days
  • Increase revenue
  • Modernize workflows


Eliminate the hassles of medical billing.

Medical billing can be exhausting. Many practices simply don't have the time or resources to take on the challenges of revenue cycle management that exist today. We help practices overcome some of the most difficult RCM and eClinicalWorks challenges.


Traditional billing just doesn't work.

What is traditional billing? Traditional billing is refusing to adapt to the changes that have taken place with healthcare reimbursement. In fact, some practices leave up to 30% of potential revenue on the table. Our experience with the eClinicalWorks EHR software gives your medical practice a significant advantage when it comes to revenue cycle management. We know what it takes to get providers paid quickly and accurately. GroupOne's advanced business intelligence reporting outside of eClinicalWorks provides actionable data to help increase productivity and prevent denials. 

What Makes Us Different?

Complete revenue cycle management success 

See your entire revenue cycle succeed.

 No long term contract billing services

Don't get locked into a long term contract.

Patient accounts for medical billing questions 

Direct your patients to us for billing questions.



Charge Review

As a provider, it is important to be paid for the services delivered to the patient. This requires a staff of highly-qualified coding and billing professionals to make sure claims are accurate before being processed for payment. Our charge review processes, team members, and technology help prevent errors that could lead to unnecessary delays in payment.

Medical Claims Review

Certified Professional Coders

Our CPCs review all charges in eClinicalWorks prior to submission. By reviewing the codes, modifiers, and bundled codes on every claim before the claim is submitted, we make sure you are paid accurately the first time around. Your Certified Professional Coder will work closely with providers to offer advice and recommendations for proper codes and modifiers.

3 Layers of Claim Scrubbing

We check your codes against billing rules to make sure a claim is billed accurately the first time. With 3 layers of claim scrubbing, we anticipate and avoid denials before they ever happen. By using alerts to notify coders of any possible errors, GroupOne can help get you paid accurately and quickly.

ICD-10 Training

Productivity is expected to decline by 30% to 60% with ICD-10. Prepare with GroupOne's certified ICD-10 trainers so your pracitce won't suffer on October 1st. GroupOne's ICD-10 training teams deliver training tailored to your specialty to educate the entire practice on the changes that ICD-10 will bring. 

Denial Management Services

Denial Posting and Resolution

MGMA reports that 50% to 65% of denials are never worked. Our proactive and reactive claim follow-up and denial appeal specialists have a robust library of state, payor, and issue appeal letters to make sure your denials are handled quickly. With complete transparency into eClinicalWorks, you can track claim reimbursement progress and view up-to-date notes on every claim. Our 70% success rate at overturning denials can dramatically improve your practice's bottom line.

Contract Payment Variance

MGMA estimates that payers underpay U.S. practice on average by 7% to 11%. Our contract payment variance tool analyzes payments from third party payers and compares actual payment to expected payment based on applicable contract.

Denial Management Reports

We monitor, evaluate, measure and analyze your practice's denials with advanced denial management reports and dashboards. Our advanced denial management reports give you insight into the top codes being denied and which payers are denying most of your payments.

Patient Insurance Eligibility

Invalid or incorrect patient insurance eligibility data is one of the most common reasons for front-end claim denials. GroupOne's integrated patient insurance eligibility verification is done on upcoming patient appointments to confirm patient coverage before services are provided.

Practice Performance Analytics

With increased difficulties in reimbursement, enhanced analytics have never been more critical to creating a profitable practice. Gain daily, insightful performance overviews of your most important processes. Our practice performance analytics save you time from manually compiling reports. Instead, receive scheduled reports right to your inbox on E&M coding, profitability, productivity, and more.

Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Payer Mix

Understand shifts that may be happening in your payer mix and how they affect your bottom line with a dashboard specifically for payer mix. View your payer mix easily and quickly and  see how that mix has shifted over time.

Matched A/R

View a dashboard of matched accounts receivables to find out where AR is located, who the AR belongs to, and possibly identify why it is sitting in AR. Quickly visualize and identify significant non contractual adjustments.

Mobile Scorecard

Select your most important Key Performance Indicators and receive them on the go. The Mobile Scorecard is composed of all your configured KPIs. View the KPI value, goal, trend summary, percent of goal, and a trend arrow.

"We have been very happy since our switch to GroupOne. 

Not only do we get eClinicalWorks EHR with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid. We get timely reports every month to help us keep on track with our charges. I like knowing somebody is looking over my charges for me and the employees are pleasant to work with."

Dr. Dana Tavaniello
Sunshine Pediatrics

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