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eClinicalWorks EHR Features

Features to help practices achieve measurable results.

eClinicalWorks EHR features


More than a way to go paperless.

eClinicalWorks is made up of features to help every practice achieve their goals. eClinicalWorks is a fully unified EMR/PM system with all the functionality to support practices and enterprise groups of all sizes and specialties.

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Integrated and Easy to Use Features

Features in eClinicalWorks are not only easy to use but they are also integrated into the EHR. Unlike other EHR software systems with add on features, eClinicalWorks is built on one platform with features that sync with the EMR and PM modules.

eClinicalWorks is made up of many patient engagement features and communication features to enable physicians, front office staff, and back office coders and billers to streamline workflow, increase efficiency and improve the quality of care while cutting the cost of information delivery. By integrating clinical and financial applications, eClinicalWorks provides measurable ROI to a wide range of medical practices.

Physicians and staff can access and interface with eClinicalWorks in a variety of ways, depending on their function, location, and schedule. eClinicalWorks leverages leading technology that enables quick and efficient electronic access to the system by phone, tablet, or desktop.

GroupOne Health Source Reviews

"We were looking for an easy to use EMR that would be easy to grow with our practice.  

We wanted to outsource our billing to a company that would always be working for our best interest. After a weeks training with a certified EMR trainer we were able to run a clinic to capacity within a month. We have found eClinicalWorks to be easy to use and help our inter office communication with each other and other Physicians. Our EMR cuts down on paper chasing of old chart systems and ensures everything is billed correctly. With insurance decreasing reimbursements no one can afford to miss billing. We have seen our billing increase."
Dr. Phillip Milne, Aloha Cardiology

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