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7 Tips to Maximize Collections Using an EHR

Learn how your EHR can help your revenue cycle management

Don't let the transition to an EHR interrupt your practice's cash flow. This eBook will offer solutions we have found to help medical practices with high denial rates, recurring claim errors, low patient pay, and timely filing issues.

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7 Tips to Maximize Collections Using an EHR

What can an integrated EHR solution do for you?

Customizable EHR


Many features within the EMR can be configured on a per provider basis. This means eClinicalWorks will accommodate how the providers like to work; not the other way around.

Improved Workflow EHRImproved Workflow

Patient flow from check-in to departure is streamlined. Workflow from the front desk to physicians to billing office staff is seamless. Documentation is faster using templates, drop-down lists, and more.

Communication EHRCommunication

eClinicalWorks EMR makes it easy to send and receive information – whether it’s an alert to a colleague down the hall, a referral to a specialist across town, or an exchange of data with a hospital in another state. 

More than a way to go paperless

  eClinicalWorks is more than a way to go paperless. No separate logins for different features or disparate data. eClinicalWorks is made up of features that are built to work together and give healthcare providers a complete view of their patients.


eClinicalWorks advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Improve clinical & financial efficiency with over 300 canned reports and 3000 metadata elements and enhancements that help you analyze, measure, and streamline operations.

eClinicalWorks EHR interoperability


eClinicalWorks’ advancements in interoperability allow the entire medical community to leverage technology to improve communication & provide a higher level of care.

eClinicalWorks clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support

eClinicalWorks CDSS is designed to help you manage patients with evidence based clinical guidelines and quality measures. CDSS alerts are individualized & determined by patient demographics.

eClinicalWorks ICD-10 smart search

ICD-10 Smart Search

eClinicalWorks V10 has integrated ICD-10 code look up solving the problem of forcing clinicians to remember and use the often awkward and cumbersome ICD-10 coding language.

eClinicalWorks eClinicalTouch iPad app

eClinicalTouch App

eCW leverages iPad technology to give you the look, feel, and functionality you’ve come to expect from eClinicalWorks with the ease of use found in a native iPad.

eClinicalWorks CCMR for ACO and PCMH


As the most used Population Health Solution across all functional ACO categories, eClinicalWorks CCMR helps organizations measure, benchmark, predict and manage risk.

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We're Ready for Meaningful Use. Are You?

eClinicalWorks ONC-HIT Certified

eClinicalWorks provides you with the tools to meet your Meaningful Use goals for Stage 1, Stage 2 and beyond. eClinicalWorks simplifies the Meaningful Use process by providing your practice with a Meaningful Use, Adoption, Quality (MAQ) Dashboard. The MAQ Dashboard is designed to help practices report on Meaningful Use Objectives and Measures and channel feedback to providers, healthcare institutions, and communities, improving clinical charting, and quality of care.

What Our Customers Are Saying

See why our customers love eClinicalWorks with GroupOne.


“Our training with GroupOne was very good! I was relieved to finally understand key components of eClinicalWorks including template making, the patient portal module, and how to streamline information. We have really been able to step it up a notch in our practice and I can handle more patient volume without getting too frustrated with the system.”

Dr. Wendi J. Lundquist DO

"GroupOne has the best customer service. They are easy to work with & knowledgeable of all aspects of the EMR. Communication is always open and the frequent emails that are sent out are very informative. In this ever changing reimbursement world, it is nice to have someone looking out for the best interest of your practice."

Marie, Spine and Neuro Pain Specialists


"We have been very happy since our switch to GroupOne.  Not only do we get eClinicalWorks with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid. We get timely reports every month to help us keep on track with our charges. I like knowing somebody is looking over my charges for me and the employees are pleasant to work with." 

Dr. Tavaniello, Sunshine Pediatrics

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