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Frequently Asked Questions

EMR and Billing - Transcription - Meaningful Use/Stimulus - HIPAA 5010

Revenue Cycle Management

How long has GroupOne been providing coding and billing services?

GroupOne started as a medical billing company in 1991.  As one of the first companies to offer EHR coding and billing services, GroupOne has extensive experience with electronic health records software and effective workflow processes.

Will I still be able to view my claims in my EHR?

Yes. Your practice will have 24/7 access to your claims.

Who will my patients contact if they have a question about their bill?

GroupOne's patient accounts department provides a toll free number to your patients.  With multi-language support and an average wait time of 42 seconds, your patients will receive an accurate and timely answer to their billing questions.

Who would I contact daily if I have a question?

Upon signing with GroupOne for revenue cycle management services, you will be assigned an account liaison.  Your liaison will be your main point of contact for any questions you have on your account.

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eClinicalWorks & Medical Billing

How many clients are currently using eClinicalWorks EHR?

85,000+ physicians, 220,000+ providers, 545,000+ users, and 49,000+ facilities in 50 states are successfully using the eClinicalWorks EMR and PM.

How often do you have scheduled upgrades? Is there an additional cost?

Clients receive one major and one minor upgrade annually. eClinicalWorks uses an auto-upgrade feature to upgrade new releases. This technology allows upgrades to happen at off-hours with no down time and no human interference over the internet. Upgrades are included as part of the yearly support and maintenance fees.

Will your software allow my practice to interface with lab and hospital system? (or specific equipment)

eClinicalWorks does have bi-directional interfaces in place with many lab and hospital systems as well as office equipment such as Spirometry, EKG, Digital Monitoring systems and others.

Do I need to purchase servers or hardware or can GroupOne help me out with this?

There are two options when it comes to eClinicalWorks regarding hardware. The first is an ASP model, where by your hardware is hosted by GroupOne and there is no need for purchase of hardware by your office. In addition, maintenance, support and personnel are handled by GroupOne. The other option is for you to purchase your own hardware and host the server at your location. In this case, GroupOne will provide the specifications and requirements so that you can host your own system. Naturally we recommend the ASP concept as it eliminates the cost of equipment and the hassle of having IT experts in-house.

What is the implementation process?

Upon signing a contract with GroupOne, we will assign a project manager to your account. The project manager will be responsible for the timeliness and effectiveness of pre-installation, file build information gathering and input, system installation, training of the system with providers and staff prior to and during “go live” week. We will continue to follow up with you after the initial week of training to help answer any questions you have upon your go live date.

How is the training completed?

Our trainers are certified through eClinicalWorks and will handle all of the training for your practice. The trainer will work with the client prior to coming on site and during “go live” week to ensure that all functions of the system are properly trained.  GroupOne also understands that there will be some questions after your go live week.  We provide you with training resources after you have had time to use the system at your practice to make sure any questions that arise are answered.

If we choose GroupOne, who owns the data?

As the client, you will always own 100% of the data.

Why should we choose eClinicalWorks?

In today’s age, why bother with multiple platforms for various parts of the practice. eClinicalWorks is an ntegrated practice management and electronic medical records system. Everything is on one platform including scheduling, EMR, and billing functions.

Will eClinicalWorks allow us to ePrescribe?

Yes it can! 110 million ePrescriptions are sent to pharmacies yearly using eClinicalWorks. Contact us for a demo so we can show you how ePrescribing will save your practice time and money all the while improving patient safety and care.

Do you offer billing services with the eClinicalWorks EHR? 

Yes we do. GroupOne’s experienced staff of certified coders and billing professionals will manage your accounts and ensure every claim created is received and adjudicated properly. GroupOne's staff has extensive experience with the eClinicalWorks software as well as other modern EHR platforms to help physicians transition to electronic medical records without causing a lag in cash flow. Because of the use of an electronic medical record program, we can afford to charge the client a monthly fee for our services that is less than the national average all the while increasing their revenue. 

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What is the turnaround time for transcribed files?

GroupOne has a “next day” turnaround time. We work by a rule that anything in by 8 in the evening is back to you by 8 in the morning. We do offer a STAT turnaround time that will get files back to you within 4 hours. That service does carry an additional charge. See our transcription info page.

Can I use a digital recorder?

GroupOne provides two methods of dictating:
Telephone - via a toll free number, physicians can dictate directly into servers that capture dictation.

Digital recorders - Doctors can definitely use handheld digital records. We typically encourage physicians to use recorders from the Olympus brand. You can contact us for questions about other recorders.

Can I access my transcribed files on-line?

Yes, GroupOne provides a software platform that will allow docs to view and edit files over the internet. Don’t worry, we use the latest in security measures to protect information and are completely HIPAA compliant.

Can I digitally sign these files?

Indeed! An additional feature of the web-based program is the ability to digitally sign documents. We can also fax these to referring physicians. Consult the page on transcription pricing for more information on faxing.