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Revenue Cycle Management Services for Hospital Networks


Hospital Owned Groups

Improve Financial Outcomes with Robust Revenue Cycle Management and EHR Solutions.





Medical Billing Services for Hospital Owned Groups

A Unique Background in Healthcare 

Our decades of experience in the healthcare reimbursement and EHR industry has been a key differentiator in the services we deliver to hospital owned groups of physicians.

We understand the challenges and believe in revenue cycle management services that help networks of providers overcome these challenges while becoming the best performers among their peers. 

Professional billing and EHR teams combined with the seamless ability to measure financial and clinical performance gives hospital owned groups a significant competitive edge. See how GroupOne's RCM can drive financial success across your entire provider network by requesting a medical billing services quote today.


GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"As a leading EHR implementation and RCM firm, we felt that GroupOne could help us modernize our paperless workflow and improve our bottom line. 
Not only does GroupOne have expertise in EHR implementations, but we also researched their experience as a multi-specialty medical billing partner in a variety of practice settings. Their revenue cycle management services proved to be a perfect solution to our needs."

-Terry Jett, Director of Physician Services, Providence Medical
Revenue Cycle Management for Hospital Owned Groups

Professional Insights to Build Better Business Results

GroupOne specializes in helping ambulatory networks of hospitals reorganize operations to minimize lost reimbursements and maximize effectiveness in pursuing unpaid claims. This could be as simple as realigning staff responsibilities or additional physician and staff education to help improve coding and claim submission processes. GroupOne's careful analysis will identify where your organization can improve and ultimately where revenue is being tied up and lost. 

Eliminate Risk and Gain Control

Hospital owned groups can benefit from GroupOne's flexibility with cosourcing for complete revenue cycle management services. By cosourcing with GroupOne, your financial outcomes can be improved all while maintaining control and avoiding risk.

Our RCM consulting will work to develop efficient processes within your existing operations allowing your physician groups to continue to grow rapidly.

GroupOne's experienced medical billing professionals will then step in to partner with your operations team to deliver the complete revenue cycle management services that produce superior financial results.

Revenue Cycle Management for Hospital Owned Groups

Why You'll Love GroupOne

Save Time

Save Time

It's simple, you spend less time worrying about your revenue cycle management when you have trusted and experienced billing and coding teams working for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

We take some of the worst revenue cycles and turn them around to be profitable, well oiled machines. Our results focused approach will increase your revenue.

Get Advice

Get Advice

When you partner with GroupOne you gain access to revenue cycle veterans. Get the best advice when it comes to self pay, ICD-10, credentialing, growing your practice and more.

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