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Medical Billing Revenue Assessment

Evaluate your practice

30% of all medical practice income is lost due to incorrect coding, underpricing, missed or never submitted charges, and nonexistent or improper follow-up.Medical Billing Revenue Services

Request a free medical billing assessment to evaluate your practice's revenue workflow and identify missed opportunities.

This assessment wil help:

  •    Examine your RCM processes
  •    Identify potholes to getting paid
  •    Determine how to increase practice revenue

Complete the form to request your free revenue assessment.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"GroupOne is the best decision we have made in medical billing. Our team lead is very responsive, proactive, and solution oriented. She keeps our team running smoothly regardless of geographic distance. We had a truly miserable experience with another billing company a year prior, but GroupOne has renewed our faith in outsourced billing companies, as well as resolved the issues created by our past billers. GroupOne specializes in eClinicalWorks, meaning that our team knows our software and can navigate everything properly. Thank you GroupOne!"

Dr. Robin Larabee MD
Sapphire Pediatrics, PC

"We definitely made the right decision to outsource our billing functions.  Having a partner like GroupOne on board to keep us apprised of ever changing billing requirements is one of the many benefits of GroupOne.  Having a quality team of people at Group One carrying the burden relieves us from having to fight to find billing talent in an already competitive job market for billing staff.  Maximizing revenue and improvements in the revenue cycle have made our financial future look brighter.  We are very satisfied with Group One and we are glad we made the change."

Dr. David Peters - CEO
Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii, FQHC