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Receive a Customized Medical Billing Services Proposal


Are you missing out on revenue opportunities?

Learn how a dedicated team of coding and medical billing professional can deliver actionable insights to help grow your revenue and improve profitability.


End-to-End Medical Billing Services

A suite of billing services to save you time and improve financial outcomes.

Quick RCM Startup

Quick and easy startup gives you even faster results and complete transparency into the status of your claims at all times.

Success Coaching

Our monthly performance reporting and meetings will help coach your practice to achieve maximum financial success.

Increase Productivity

We'll handle patient phone calls for payments, balances, & questions to save your staff time and boost productivity.

EM Bell Curve Analysis

Coding Compliance Analysis

We identify coding deficiencies for you and help you avoid the risk of a payer audit with ongoing coding training.

Claim WatchDog
   Get Paid Faster

With Claim WatchDog claims are received and paid faster while potential claim errors are attacked sooner.

Prosper Through Changes

Prosper Through Changes

A suite of profit maximizer services & technologies help you prosper in the face MACRA and increasing self-pay patients.