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Start Your Practice with GroupOne

Full Service Revenue Cycle Management and EHR Implementation Services.

Start with Success.

Partner with GroupOne for eClinicalWorks and RCM Success.

Leverage GroupOne's 25+ years of medical billing knowledge to assist your start-up practice. Partner with GroupOne Health Source for revenue cycle management services and we'll cover the cost for you to use the eClinicalWorks award-winning EHR software.

Complete the form on this page to request an introductory call with us. We're excited to learn about your practice and see if our start-up services are a good fit.

eClinicalWorks EHR


What our customers are saying 

"We have been using GroupOne for over 8 years now. We regulary talk with other physicians in our area who are frustrated with their billing company because of the lack of attention they receive and poor reimbursement. These are not problems that we are familiar with. We are amazed at how wonderfully GroupOne has performed for us in high percentage collecting."  
Aaron Velie
Perry Family Medicine
"Starting a new practice is difficult without strong partners. I find my partnership with GroupOne as one of the best decisions I made when I started my new practice. For a small practice such as mine, having access to their resources and excellent staff, makes me feel confident that my practice will continue to grow in an ever changing healthcare landscape." 
Dr. Nonna Ebalo
South Boston Pediatrics