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RCM Services RFP Template

This RFP template will help your practice ask the right questions during the research process. These questions will help you better understand the billing services provided and ensure a successful service is chosen.

In this RFP you will find questions on:

  • Organization & legal background
  • Coding and billing performance
  • Key operational processes

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Medical Billing Services Request for Proposal
Advanced eCW Billing Analytics

Analyze, Measure, Outperform

Power you practice with advanced analytics. GroupOne's OneRate gives you the ability to track denial trends over time and help your practice make the necessary changes to prevent future denials. Gain access to critical financial reports and dashboards with eClinicalWorks and utilize your monthly meeting with your account liaison to see where your practice can improve with operational efficiency and increase profitability margins.

  • Custom reporting package
  • Contracted payment variance tool
  • Daily/monthly/YTD financial statements 
  • 1-on-1 monthly review of your account

Experience higher collections


98% of our 2 million+ claims submitted annually are successfully adjudicated on the first submission. We continuously develop and update practice specific and payer specific rules within your eClinicalWorks database based on specialized factors related to your practice. With our denial management, tracking, reporting, and provider education, you can eliminate errors to get paid faster.

  • Prompt claim submission
  • 3 layers of claim scrubbing
  • 6 levels of clearinghouse integration
  • Integrated Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Practice specific and payer specific rules engine
  • Appeals at all levels
  • Reimbursement specialists will provide proactive and reactive follow-up 
  • Online patient payment portal
  • Custom management of accounts to collections

GroupOne Health Source Reviews

"We definitely made the right decision to outsource our billing functions. 

Having a partner like GroupOne on board to keep us apprised of ever changing billing requirements is one of the many benefits. Having a quality team of people at Group One carrying the burden relieves us from having to fight to find billing talent in an already competitive job market for billing staff."
David Peters, CEO, Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii, FQHC

We've got it all.

Here's what's included when you choose OneRate with GroupOne.

Complete Transparency
Complete Transparency
Track your account team's progress with 24/7 access to your claims. We provide complete transparency on our processes so you can trust us to follow up on your claims and submit them on time. With complete transparency your practice can run reports anytime to track key performance indicators.
Business Intelligence Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting 
Gain access to advanced operational, financial, and clinical analytics not available with eClinicalWorks. With user friendly features such as KPI monitoring system and automated report distribution, your practice can roll up data from multiple databases and EHR systems.
Contract Payment Variance Tool
Contract Payment Variance Tool  
Studies indicate most providers experience a 6-7% underpayment. Independent of eCW, GroupOne provides customers with a tool to analyze payments from third party payers. Compare your actual payment to expected payment based on contracts.
Built in Profit Margin
Built in Profit Margin

OneRate pricing is calculated as a percentage of your organization's monthly net collections. We don't get paid until we collect money for you. As a built-in benefit, the expenses for these services fluctuate in direct proportion to your revenue resulting in a built-in fixed profit margin.

Profit Maximizer
Profit Maximizer
With profit maximizer at GroupOne you get exclusive access to partner tools, technology, and services to help your practice handle challenges like increasing patient payment, changes with Meaningful Use, PQRS, and more.
EHR support management
EHR Support Management
OneRate gives you complimentary use of eClinicalWorks and our eClinicalWorks support management team. Our U.S. based support team is dedicated to helping you resolve any issues with your eClinicalWorks system quickly and efficiently.

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