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EMR Medical Billing | eClinicalWorks Users

GroupOne is one of the largest firms specialized in medical billing for eClinicalWorks users. GroupOne is
a Gold Certified training, support and implementation partner for eClinicalWorks. GroupOne has been a
partner with eClinicalWorks since 2004 and is the largest reseller partner in number of eClinicalWorks related staff. In fact, GroupOne ranked # 1 of all eClinicalWorks channel partners for number of implementations completed since 2009. Furthermore, for the 4th year in a row, GroupOne received a “Best in Class” ranking by Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) in its 4th Annual What Counts Survey.

GroupOne utilizes the award winning eClinicalWorks system to provide professional billing services to hundreds of providers. GroupOne’s clients not only receive eClinicalWorks specific billing services, but also have the benefit of partnering with a business that specializes in the best practices of eClinicalWorks workflow and utilization. Because of the variety of practices that GroupOne partners with, GroupOne has a unique advantage when providing eClinicalWorks expertise. We can help you optimize your utilization of eClinicalWorks and believe that it’s an important advantage to have eClinicalWorks experts providing reimbursement services. Our goal is to help you maximize the eClinicalWorks systems with increased cash flow as one of the end-products.

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In the OneRate Bundled Package of services, the use of the award winning eClinicalWorks System included as part of billing service - If your practice does not currently utilize eClinicalWorks, as part of the billing service, GroupOne will provide your entire practice with use of the software.  GroupOne will be responsible for the license fees, annual maintenance, and support fees on your behalf.

eClinicalWorksHow It Works:

GroupOne specializes in medical billing services on the award winning eClinicalWorks system. GroupOne billing experts become an extension of your practice by resolving your claims in your eClinicalWorks system. Through technology, GroupOne staff work in your system through secure remote connections.

Seamless integration with your current eClinicalWorks workflow system – GroupOne works within your eClinicalWorks system.

Complete accountability – you can see everything that GroupOne is doing with the goal to get your claims paid.

Increased Income – GroupOne’s staff consists of medical billing specialists including certified coders. GroupOne staff receives consistent training in order to remain knowledgeable about the ever-changing billing rules and issues.

Reduced Expenses – According to industry surveys, our fee is typically less the national average and less than what it costs a practice internally.

Fewer personnel headaches – No need to worry about trying to cover staff vacation time, staff replacement or constant retraining costs of new staff.

Aligned incentives – GroupOne only gets paid when your practice gets paid.

Full time eClinicalWorks expert as your partner – GroupOne is eClinicalWorks certified with certified trainers, implementation and support personnel on staff. GroupOne can be an additional resource for your eClinicalWorks support needs and can provide guidance on eClinicalWorks workflow best practices.

Soffer Heart Institute

The following data is the result of less than six months as a GroupOne Health Source OneRate customer (eClinicalWorks and Medical Billing bundled package of services)

“With eClinicalWorks and GroupOne:

  • Our billing costs decreased 35%

  • A/R and revenue cycle management improved by 38%.

  • Insurance Denials decreased 33%.

  • Time spent dealing with billing and collection issues within the practice reduced by 3 hours per week.

  • the charge capture capacity brought our top line billing up by 25% and the time spent documenting down 6 hours per week per provider.”

Dr. Ariel Soffer
Soffer Heart Institute

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