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Medical Billing Services Built for eClinicalWorks Users

Learn how our end-to-end medical billing solution is simplifying the process while maximizing revenue performance.

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"As a leading EHR implementation and RCM firm, we felt that GroupOne could help us modernize our paperless workflow and improve our bottom line. Not only does GroupOne have expertise in EHR implementations, but we also researched their experience as a multi-specialty medical billing partner in a variety of practice settings. Their revenue cycle management services proved to be a perfect solution to our needs."

Terry Jett
Director of Physician Services, Providence Medical
eClinicalWorks Version 11

Meet eClinicalWorks Version 11

The latest evolution of eClinicalWorks.

Cloud-based V11 is designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. Providers enjoy easy documentation, the latest in interoperability, and can access patient data anytime, anywhere — on a PC or Mac® using a web browser, a smartphone, or an iPad®.

V11 offers innovative solutions for patient engagement and population health as well as the industry's first virtual assistant, Eva.

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The Client Success Team

Your partner in achieving maximum revenue cycle results.

As a partner in your success, your dedicated Client Success Team exists to help your practice overcome challenges and meet financial and operational performance goals. 

We're bringing revenue cycle management consulting, medical coding education, reimbursement strategies, EHR optimization, and ongoing financial performance reports to your practice.

We give you a fully connected view of your revenue cycle management to identify areas of improvement, drive change, and deliver results.

GroupOne RCM Client Success Team
Key Metrics of RCM Success

The Key Metrics to RCM

Learn how to use the top four key metrics to measure medical billing performance.

In this white paper you will learn how to:

  • Calculate your RCM key metrics
  • Interpret the numbers your key metrics represent
  • Avoid problems when calculating the data



We are passionate about healthcare and inspired by our customers. Since our founding, we've strived to meet the needs of our customers in order to simplify the business of medicine. We lead with innovation and commit to supporting our customers in reaching their performance goals.



Our customers seek growth to expand the delivery of healthcare in their communities and rely on our expertise to make this vision a reality. With powerful analytics and reports, our customers have the data they need to make decisions with confidence.