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How To Offer Telemedicine to Patients and Get Paid

by Kaitlyn Houseman on February 21, 2018

Because of the convenience, telemedicine may attract new patients or serve as an incentive for current patients to seek treatment more often. Simply stated, providers who are waiting to implement telemedicine services are missing out on their chance to improve quality of care while also improving patient satisfaction.

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Topics: Telehealth

10 Disruptive Healthcare Companies to Watch

by Kaitlyn Houseman on March 10, 2016

Disruption by technology has affected more industries than it has left alone, and many involve things you do and use every day. For example, Facebook Messenger disrupted SMS messaging, Amazon disrupted eBooks, and Uber disrupted the taxi industry. Healthcare is no exception, experiencing disruption in the form of telemedicine, new devices, and new care delivery paradigms.

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Topics: Medical Business, Practice Management, Patient Engagement, Telehealth

Telemedicine is Taking Off! Here's Why

by Kaitlyn Houseman on February 25, 2016

Healthcare is ever-changing. One advancement, telehealth, is one of the hottest trends in healthcare and technology right now. With the shortage of physicians, increase of chronic conditions, and the rising costs of healthcare, telehealth is becoming more necessary and useful than ever.

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Topics: Practice Management, Telehealth

How Telemedicine is Transforming Healthcare

by Kaitlyn Houseman on December 15, 2015

Healthcare experts might have been pushing telemedicine for decades but only recently have we seen the rapid adoption of electronic health records push physicians to get on board with telemedicine. Telemedicine is transforming healthcare and is now becoming integrated into the ongoing operations of hospitals, specialty departments, private practices and consumer's home and workplaces.

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Topics: Practice Management, Telehealth

CMS Expands Telehealth Physician Reimbursement in 2015

by Kaitlyn Houseman on December 3, 2014

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Topics: CMS, Telehealth

Telemedicine: How It Can Work for Your Medical Practice

by Kaitlyn Houseman on September 25, 2013

As a child, I never dreamed I would be able to communicate with a person several thousand miles away while looking at their face via video. Now, we can not only communicate via video with our family and friends, we can receive medical treatment from our providers.

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Topics: Practice Management, Telehealth

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