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Cardiology Billing Quote

Professional Medical Billing Services for Cardiology Practices

Request a billing services quote and proposal to learn how GroupOne Health Source can help your cardiology practice with medical coding, billing, and reimbursement.

We provide a full suite of billing services and technology to help your practice including:

  • Free MU Certified EHR, or use your EHR
  • Payor-specific rules and guidelines
  • U.S. based account liaison
  • Certified Professional Coders
  • Online patient pay portal
  • Claim denial and rejection management


Complete the form right here on this page to learn more about our billing services and get a free quote.

GroupOne BBB

Cardiology Medical Billing Services



"We wanted to outsource our billing to a company that would always be working for our best interest. With insurance decreasing reimbursements no one can afford to miss billing. We have seen our billing increase."

Dr. Phillip Milne
Aloha Cardiology

“Working with Group One is a pleasure, they are prompt to make changes that I request for our clinic and my providers’ preferences. They are quick to respond to any coding or claims questions that I may have. My liaison is great! We have conference calls on a regular basis and I get everything my office needs to maximize our payments.”

Tiffany Vu
Practice Manager
Tampa Cardiac Specialists