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eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Customer Success Stories


Customer Success Stories

Find out what they have to say below.

Highlands Health System GroupOne Health Source Testimonial

"My experience with GroupOne Health Source has been fantastic. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and dependable. I would recommend them to anyone. Much easier RCM process, great detailed reports, calls can be scheduled for the most part anytime needed as well as onsite visits if needed."

Sabrina Hobbs, Practice Manager

Highlands Health System

Sapphire Pediatrics Testimonial

""GroupOne Health Source is the best decision we have made in medical billing.We had a truly miserable experience with another billing company a year prior, but GroupOne has renewed our faith in outsourced billing companies, as well as resolved the issues created by our past billers. "

Dr. Robin Larabee MD, President

Sapphire Pediatrics

GroupOne Health Source Medical Billing Services

The Guide to Evaluating RCM Companies

Explore What Differentiates Medical Billing Services.

Download our complete guide to evaluating revenue cycle management service companies to gain a better understanding of the top 10 criteria you should be using to compare services.

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Guide to Evaluating Revenue Cycle Management Services

eClinicalWorks EHR Case Studies

Better Engagement. Better Healthcare.

Explore how the industry leading eClinicalWorks electronic health records software is helping clinics build more efficient workflows, delivery quality care, and maximize the use of their healthcare data.

View the eCW case studies to understand how eClinicalWorks is assisting customers with challenges like interoperability, care coordination, and value-based care.

eClinicalWorks Case Studies

Who We Work With

We work with CFOs and CEOs of enterprise healthcare organizations, physicians getting started with their own independent practice, and revenue cycle management leaders looking to enhance overall RCM performance. Our customers range in size and vary by specialty but tend to have the following challenges when it comes to their EHR and RCM operations:

Medical Billing Charge Capture Services
Charges aren't always being captured and claims aren't going out. Low cash flow is becoming a problem because of inefficient revenue cycle management processes.
Qualified Labor for Medical Billing Service
Difficulty finding qualified medical billing labor to handle the eligibility and verification, medical coding, claim submissions, denial management, claims appeals, revenue cycle reporting, and patient collections processes. 
EHR and RCM Services Combo
Separate EHR and PM systems are causing a lack of transparency into the true performance of the medical billing operations. The billing company is using another software to manage the claims so we can't pull reports when we need them.
Customized EHR Billing Services for eClinicalWorks
The billing service we use today isn't providing us reports or responses to our questions in a timely manner. We have no main contact with our current RCM service and aren't sure who to reach out to when we have a question or issue.

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