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Population Health (CCMR)

Integrated analytics and care coordination together on a single, unified platform


eClinicalWorks CCMR

The Most Used Population Health Solution 

eClinicalWorks CCMR is the most used population health solution across all functional ACO categories according to KLAS. With features like member management, community analytics, and patient satisfaction surveys, it is no wonder that more than 50 ACOs are using eClinicalWorks CCMR for managing the health of their communities.

  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Care Planning
  • Patient Engagement
  • Referral Network & Transitions in Care
  • Interoperability

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Why CCMR with eClinicalWorks?   

  • Single-Vendor Solution: Integrated analytics and care coordination on a single platform
  • Comprehensive: all the tools needed to support ACO, PCMH, Home Health, & Shared Savings
  • EMR Neutral: The eClinicalWorks Care Coordination Medical Record (CCMR) can manage the secure exchange of data between all systems used within the community
  • Flexible: CCMR components are seamlessly stackable and can be used individually or together to create the right solution at the right price for your organization
  • Affordable: CCMR brings the functionality of multiple systems together on the eClinicalWorks Private Cloud with the ease of use of a single system
  • Value: CCMR delivers high value to every community and redefines healthcare ROI in terms of quality improvement, care management, and reduced costs across your care continuum

Referral Network & Transitions in Care

  • Build a secure network of trusted providers for referrals and consultations
  • Address books for in-network and out-of-network providers
  • Connect and securely exchange data between providers that use any EMR or no EMR at all
  • Network leakage dashboards report on out-of-network referrals

Care Planning

  • Member Management dashboards
  • Care Plan management and risk assessment
  • Patient-level dashboards to identify gaps in care
  • Patient Community Medical Record View
  • Schedule Management

Community Analytics

eCW CCMR analytics

The eClinicalWorks Community Analytics platform provides a deep and detailed understanding of the complex, multi-dimensional healthcare environment. Patient, practice, and payer data is easily transformed to actionable information that gives providers and communities the ability to make informed decisions that ultimately drive improved patient outcomes at a reduced cost.

  • Cost utilization dashboards: gain insight into the total cost spent for your beneficiarie’s inpatient/outpatient, pharmacy, and DME services. Identify high-cost/high-risk beneficiaries and help case managers and providers create better care plans using closed-loop analytics
  • Clinical Quality Measures: Provider outcomes vs. payer-defined quality measures. Dashboards provide insight into your performance on PCMH and ACO measures
  • Population Health: create clinical quality dashboards and population health data visualization by zip code and region, analyze local results vs. national health trends

eClinicalWorks Care Coordination PlatformCare Coordination Platform — (eEHX)

  • Community integration platform that manages the secure exchange of data between ancillary service providers (labs, radiology, hospital information systems), local, state, and regional health information exchanges (HIEs), immunization registries, and ambulatory EMR systems
  • Integrated Enterprise Master Patient Index
  • Longitudinal view of each patient in the community (CCR/CCD/C32)
  • Receive payer feeds for cost and utilization

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