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Chronic Care Management

Medicare Solution and Provider Opportunity

eClinicalWorks CCM Chronic Care Management


A Better Way to Manage Chronic Care Patients.

eClinicalWorks CCM helps providers develop care plans for patients with Chronic Conditions in order to improve health outcomes. Starting January 1st 2015 for three years, Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans will pay providers $40.39 per month per eligible patient for non face-to-face Chronic Care Management Services. eClincialWorks CCM helps practices with

  • Identify eligible patients
  • Consent management
  • Care planning
  • Activity tracking
  • Billing automation

What to Expect with eCW CCM

eClinicalWorks CCM helps providers meet the requirements of Medicare's new chronic care management code: 99490. The Chronic Care Management module inside eClinicalWorks combines easy to use technology with a billing rules engine to make care delivery and claim submission quick and easy.

Per Physician Annual OpportunityeClinicalWorks CCM
200 Patients = $100k
500 Patients = $242k
1,000 Patients = $484k



Chronic Care Management Module EMR

Which providers are eligible to bill for CCM services?

Physicians and the following non-physician practitioners may bill for the new CCM services:

  • Certified Nurse Midwives
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants 

Primary care physicians bill for the CCM services most frequently, although specialty physicians who meet all of the billing requirements may also bill for these services.


What eClinicalWorks OffersIncrease Revenue with eCW CCM

Let eClinicalWorks help you get started with Chronic Care Management Services. eClinicalWorks CCM module can help you with the entire process of CCM visits. 
  • Dashboards to identify CCM eligible patients
  • Automated billing rules to receive reimbursement for visits
  • Care plans with easy consent management and 24x7 electronic access to patients
  • Automated patient reminders for easier recruitment and management

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