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eClinicalWorks Patient Portal

Engage your patients

eClinicalWorks EMR patient portal


eClinicalWorks Patient Engagement Solution

The Patient Portal powered by eClinicalWorks gives patients 24 x 7 access to their medical information from the comfort & privacy of their own home. Patient Portal uses leading-edge technology to promote healthcare & makes it easier to perform preventative care. With a secure communication channel between you and your patients, patients can

  • Request appointments
  • Update their demographics
  • Review their personal health records (PHR)
  • View lab results
  • Request refills of authorized prescriptions
  • Ask general questions and more


Encourage patients to track their health.

With eClinicalWorks patient portal and healow, your patients can use trackers to help manage their health and access multiple patient portal accounts from one location. The healow app and eClinicalWorks patient portal work together to help your practice give patients the power to organize their appointment calendar, avoid no shows, and communicate securely.

See how healow combined with the patient portal can improve your patients' health and help your practice stay booked.

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eClinicalWorks EMR patient portalPractice Benefits:
  • Improve practice operations so you can see more patients
  • Personalize their portal URL and create an online presence
  • Enables patients to manage their health better
  • Improve patient satisfaction and response times
  • Reduce costs for printing, mailing, and collection services
  • Improves revenue cycle management
  • Communicate more efficiently and securely with your patients when it fits your schedule
  • Increase clinical efficiencies such as histories collected before appointments
  • Strengthen practice-patient relationships