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Practice Management

Manage your practice better.

eClinicalWorks Practice Management   

Integrated Practice Management for maximum data accuracy.

eClinicalWorks Practice Management is an integrated module to create the complete eClinicalWorks EHR Suite. The PM platform in eClinicalWorks delivers

  • Scheduling
  • Multiple Subscriber Masking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Address Verification & Eligibility
  • Denial Management and more

book_instantly_iconSchedule management 

Administer multiple providers’ schedules across several office locations with ease. Block off hours, set-up rules for recurring appointments, and create schedule templates. Staff can check the next day’s schedule for patient insurance eligibility as well.


Medical Billing ManagementMedical Billing Management 

Submit claims electronically, interface with clearinghouses, utilize claims rules engine, track the status of claims, and determine what and when services will be paid. 

Claims Scrubbing – Save time and money by ensuring your claims are error free prior to submission. E&M Coding Advice helps categorize the levels of service provided, leading to maximum reimbursement.

ICD-10 Lookup

eClinicalWorks V10 is ICD-10 compliant. The lookup tool is useful both as an educational aid and as a reference tool. It provides the ability to enter any ICD-9, and then displays possible ICD-10 codes for mapping. Additional features include:

  • Insurance-level override of ICD-10 Effective Date for non-HIPAA payers who may delay
  • Enhanced claim editing to warn of ICD-9/ICD-10 Date of Service or Insurance incompatibility


Denial Management

Extend workflow efficiencies to same-day claims denial management. Our new Denial Management Module allows same-day discovery of claims that are denied by payers based on ERA posting. Create CARC Code groups that include your most vexing and time-sensitive denial reasons. When the day’s ERA posting is complete, users can immediately begin work to turn your claim denials into cash.

eClinicalWorks eBO reporting

eBO Reporting

Unlock the valuable data stored inside eClinicalWorks with eBO. eBO improves operational and clinical reporting content. With over 300 canned reports and 3000 metadata elements and enhancements to deliver timely detailed predefined jobs that improve operational efficiency and increase profitability margins. Turn valuable data with real-time metrics and dashboards into insightful shared information to make timely decisions with ease.

Administrative dashboards for:

  • Practice ManagerseClinicalWorks enterprise business optimizer
  • Providers
  • Summarized Month-End and Daily Activity
  • Denial Management
  • Historical Days in A/R
  • Co-Pay Reporting

Metadata to report key clinical elements such as:
  • Immunizations
  • Vitals
  • Labs
  • Procedure codes
  • Allergies
  • Structured Data


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