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Meredith Angell

Meredith is a Certified eClinicalWorks Implementation Specialist at GroupOne Health Source. Her experience using eClinicalWorks has helped practices successfully transition to eClinicalWorks while optimizing their clinical workflows and practice management.

Email: mangell@g1hs.com

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10 Reasons We Love eClinicalWorks 10e

by Meredith Angell on Jul 20, 2017 11:30:00 AM

eClinicalWorks 10e is the newest version of eClinicalWorks and the best part? It's in the cloud. 10e can be used on any platform and it is a unified system bringing all the components that healthcare providers need to deliver care and engage with patients into one single platform. We've noticed a lot of improvements with 10e but the following are the top 10 reasons we love 10e (and think you will too).

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