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Revenue Cycle Management Services for Large Practices


Large Practices

Practice Management Experts and Innovative Technology Solutions to Drive Financial Success.





Large Medical Practice


Innovative Technology to Improve Patient Pay

Higher deductibles, co-pays, and premiums mean practices must be able to collect self-pay payments. Leverage GroupOne's proven self pay strategy with our innovative online patient payment solution to overcome patient pay challenges. 

Large medical groups can benefit from GroupOne's patient accounts services to free up office staff for other tasks. Our patient accounts services provides your patients with trusted experts on insurance, billing, and payment questions for your practice.

GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"We definitely made the right decision to outsource our billing functions.    
Having a partner like GroupOne on board to keep us apprised of ever changing billing requirements is one of the many benefits of GroupOne. Having a quality team of people at GroupOne carrying the burden relieves us from having to fight to find billing talent in an already competitive job market for billing staff. Maximizing revenue and improvements in the revenue cycle have made our financial future look brighter. We are very satisfied with GroupOne and we are glad we made the change."

-David Peters, CEO, Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii, FQHC


EHR optimization with GroupOne


Optimize Your EHR to Increase Revenue and Productivity

An EHR is more than a way to go paperless. A poorly implemented EHR can lead to enormous cash flow problems down the road and frustrated physicians. GroupOne can help providers and practice managers fully optimize their EHR by improving workflows, documentation, reporting, and more.

Optimizing the use of your EHR can boost productivity, save time, and result in an increase in revenue for your practice. Leverage GroupOne's experience in EHR training and implementation to see how your practice productivity and revenue can be transformed.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Studies indicate most providers experience a 6-7% underpayment from third party payers. Declining reimbursement, ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and patient pay are reshaping the healthcare landscape. GroupOne's RCM services are built to prepare your large practice for the continuous changes happening in healthcare today.

Large medical practices and groups can benefit from GroupOne's streamlined billing process to get clean claims out the door faster and improve cash flow. GroupOne's Certified Professional Coders review every claim to reduce the number of denied claims for your practice.


Revenue Cycle Management Services for Large Groups

Why You'll Love GroupOne

Save Time

Save Time

It's simple, you spend less time worrying about your revenue cycle management when you have trusted and experienced billing and coding teams working for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

We take some of the worst revenue cycles and turn them around to be profitable, well oiled machines. Our results focused approach will increase your revenue.

Get Advice

Get Advice

When you partner with GroupOne you gain access to revenue cycle veterans. Get the best advice when it comes to self pay, coding, credentialing, growing your practice and more.

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