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Medical Billing Features

Medical Billing Services Features Your Practice Needs.

Revenue Cycle Management Services Features

All of the RCM pieces to help your practice solve the reimbursement puzzle.

When it comes to revenue cycle management, automation and reporting isn't enough. Modern day medical practices are facing new challenges every day. Practices need an experienced partner to help put together the pieces of the revenue cycle process to get claims paid on time.

GroupOne Health Source empowers your practice with RCM tools, technology, and training to help you maximize your collections and streamline processes.


Guide to Evaluating Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Get a free copy of our "Complete Guide to Evaluating RCM Companies" to learn about the top 10 criteria you should be using to choose a revenue cycle management partner.

You'll learn:

  • How the wrong choice can cost and not save you money
  • The difference between basic and complete services
  • Why transparency is critical to your success
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RCM that puts your patients first.

Put patients first. 

Let us take the weight off your shoulders and manage your revenue cycle so you can put patients first. Our coding, billing, and reimbursement specialists will focus on optimizing your revenue cycle management and increasing your cash flow.

GroupOne's RCM teams have analyzed and improved revenue cycles for small, medium, large, and enterprise healthcare organizations across the country. We're trusted partners in revenue cycle management, dedicated to helping you build a brighter financial future.

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GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"As a leading EHR implementation and RCM firm, we felt that GroupOne could help us modernize our paperless work flow and improve our bottom line. 
Not only does GroupOne have expertise in EHR implementations, but we also researched their experience as a multi-specialty medical billing partner in a variety of practice settings. Their revenue cycle management services proved to be a perfect solution to our needs."

Terry Jett, Director of Physician Services, Providence Medical

Leverage your data.

Advanced business intelligence & healthcare analytics.

Leverage your data to enable trends and projections for your medical practice or entire network of providers. With hundreds of analysis reports to choose from, you can measure

  • Productivity
  • Denials
  • Charge lag and more

GroupOne's advanced health care reporting requires no down time, IT department, or advanced training. Monitor and analyze your front office, payer contracts, billing and collection activities to see where you might be leaving money on the table.

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Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting
We've got it all. 
certified professional coders

Certified Professional Coders

Having certified coders reviewing codes can help reduce the number of denied claims and help increase your practice's revenue. Our coders are accurate and committed to helping providers code better. We stay up-to-date with the latest codes and are ready for ICD-10.

 Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting

Gain access to advanced operational, financial, and clinical analytics. With user friendly features such as KPI monitoring system and automated report distribution, your practice can roll up data from multiple databases and EHR systems.


Online patient payment portal

When patients are short on money, medical bills will not be a priority. Higher deductibles, co-pays, & premiums means practices must be able to collect self-pay payments. Our online portal helps you get paid 21 days faster compared to traditional patient payment methods.

 Contract Payment Variance Tool

Contract Payment Variance Tool

Studies indicate most providers experience a 6-7% underpayment. Independent of the EHR, GroupOne provides customers with a tool to analyze payments from third party payers. Compare your actual payment to expected payment based on contracts.

Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer   

With profit maximizer at GroupOne you get exclusive access to partner tools, technology, and services to help your practice handle challenges like increasing patient payment, changes with Meaningful Use, PQRS, and more.

Patient Accounts Services

Let us handle incoming calls for patients with questions on medical bills. Our patient accounts department gives your patients a toll-free number & multi-language support. Reduce the number of calls your practice receives to free up your office staff for other tasks.

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