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Specialty Billing is Our Specialty. 

Billing and Coding Specialists for Every Specialty.


Medical Billing Services for Specialists

Knowledge + Experience = Success

Who we work with

Finding experienced coders and billers is one of the biggest challenges medical practices face when it comes to hiring a medical billing service. GroupOne's Certified Professional Coders have a vast array of experience and specialty specific knowledge with nearly every medical specialty. See how a team of experienced coders and billers can help you maximize reimbursement and prevent denials.


Get Real Results

Faster PaymentsFaster Payments

We often deal directly with payers so your claims aren't tied up in adjudication or denied because of simple errors. Your AR days go down while your practice gets paid faster.

operational_efficiency_icon.pngOperational Efficiency

Revenue Cycle Management experts help onboard your practice with complimentary training on revenue cycle best practices to improve operational efficiency.

Improve Patient SatisfactionImprove Patient Satisfaction 

Patient services and patient pay technology helps your practice make bill pay easier to understand for patients and easier to access while leading to improved patient satisfaction.

Increase Net CollectionsIncrease Collections

Certified Professional Coders review every claim to reduce denials, ensure accurate codes are being selected, and provide ongoing coaching for maximum reimbursement opportunities.

Medical Billing Measure PerformanceMeasure Performance

Advanced reporting that lets you leverage your data. With advanced business intelligence & healthcare analytics you can measure charge lag, productivity, and more.

New Revenue Streams for Your Medical PracticeNew Revenue Streams

Gain access to new tools, technology, and services that help you build new revenue streams for your practice and manage changing government incentive programs.

Request a Medical Billing Quote for Your Specialty

Learn about our experience with your particular specialty and the suite of revenue cycle management services, tools, and technology we have to offer your practice.

GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"We've been very happy since our switch to GroupOne. 
Not only do we get eClinicalWorks with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid. We get timely reports every month to help us keep on track with our charges. I like knowing somebody is looking over my charges for me and the employees are pleasant to work with."
-Dr. Dana Tavaniello, Sunshine Pediatrics


Give us a call at 800.769.5288. Speak with our EHR & RCM experts to learn how we can help your practice overcome EHR and billing cycle challenges.
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