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Multispecialty Custom Billing Services Quote

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Today's medical practice's are leaving an estimated 30% of income on the table. GroupOne's complete revenue cycle management is the next generation of medical billing and can help get your multispecialty practice paid accurately and quickly. 

Medical Billing for Multispecialty Practices

Request a customized proposal and pricing quote to learn how GroupOne RCM helps practices improve cash flow.

  • Seamless RCM services on your EHR
  • No long term contract
  • Advanced business intelligence reporting
  • Certified Professional Coders


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Don't take our word for it!

Hear what our billing customers are saying:

"We definitely made the right decision to outsource our billing functions.  Having a partner like GroupOne on board to keep us apprised of ever changing billing requirements is one of the many benefits.  Having a quality team of people carrying the burden relieves us from having to fight to find billing talent in an already competitive job market for billing staff.  Maximizing revenue and improvements in the revenue cycle have made our financial future look brighter. We are very satisfied with GroupOne and we are glad we made the change."
Dr. David Peters, CEO
Ho`ola Lahui Hawaii, FQHC

"We have been using GroupOne for over 8 years now. We regulary talk with other physicians in our area who are frustrated with their billing company because of the lack of attention they receive and poor reimbursement. These are not problems that we are familiar with. We are amazed at how wonderfully GroupOne has performed for us in high percentage collecting and how they constantly keep us informed of changes in the industry and help us stay on top of critical items within our practice. Their staff gives us rockstar treatment even when we are stressed and take it out on them, they come through for us every time."

Aaron Velie, Practice Manager
Perry Family Medicine