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Small Practice RCM and EHR


Small Practices

Dedicated Teams of Revenue Cycle Management and EHR Implementation Professionals to Power Your Small Practice.





Revenue Cycle Management Services for Small Practices


Grow Your Small Practice

Small practices thrive when more patients are walking through the door. Medical providers can't afford to lose patients due to billing errors or lack of time spent with patients in the exam room. GroupOne's all-in-one EHR and RCM services are the modern day solution for small practices looking to reach their fullest potential.

  • Decrease costs
  • Discover new revenue opportunities
  • Stop wasting time recruiting and hiring



GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"Starting a new practice is difficult without strong partners.  I find my partnership with GroupOne as one of the best decisions I made when I started my new practice.
I am highly satisfied with their professional and reliable service. For a small practice such as mine, having access to their resources and excellent staff, makes me feel confident that my practice will continue to grow in an ever changing healthcare landscape."  

-Dr. Nonna Ebalo, South Boston Pediatrics
Improving Self Pay Patient Collections

Innovative Technology to Improve Patient Pay

Higher deductibles, co-pays, and premiums mean practices must be able to collect self-pay payments. Leverage GroupOne's proven self pay strategy with our innovative online patient payment solution to overcome patient pay challenges. 

Small practices can benefit from GroupOne's patient accounts services to free up office staff for other tasks. Our patient accounts services provide your patients with trusted experts on insurance, billing, and payment questions for your practice.

A Complete EHR Suite for Private Practices

According to the 5th Annual Ambulatory PM & EHR Study, June 2013 by HIMSS Analytics, eClinicalWorks is the dominant EHR provider for free-standing practices and a top market leader for hospital-owned practices. 11% of private practices across all market segments in the U.S. use eClinicalWorks.

With eClinicalWorks your practice has the ability to improve health outcomes, communicate with other providers with ease, and streamline workflows. Powerful features and multiple pricing options makes eClinicalWorks a top-rated EHR for private practices nationwide.

  • Patient Portal
  • P2P
  • Healow
  • eClinicalTouch and more


eClinicalWorks EHR for Private and Small Practices

Why You'll Love GroupOne

Save Time

Save Time

It's simple, you spend less time worrying about your revenue cycle management when you have trusted and experienced billing and coding teams working for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

We take some of the worst revenue cycles and turn them around to be profitable, well oiled machines. Our results focused approach will increase your revenue.

Get Advice

Get Advice

When you partner with GroupOne you gain access to revenue cycle veterans. Get the best advice when it comes to coding, credentialing, growing your practice and more.

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