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Why Choose GroupOne Health Source


Why Choose GroupOne

Solving the Reimbursement Puzzle for Providers Nationwide 



Healthcare reimbursement is tough brutal.    
Payers are not paying the contracted rates, denied claims are not being appealed, timely filing is causing lost revenue and not to mention finding qualified labor is nearly impossible. Healthcare reimbursement is tough and becoming more difficult for practices to focus on with increasing challenges and responsibilities. In fact, most practices are leaving 30% of revenue on the tableOur customers believe there is an easier way to control the revenue cycle management process and there is with GroupOne Health Source.

Why You'll Love GroupOne

Save Time

Save Time

It's simple, you spend less time worrying about your revenue cycle management when you have trusted and experienced billing and coding teams working for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

We take some of the worst revenue cycles and turn them around to be profitable, well oiled machines. Our results focused approach will increase your revenue.

Get Advice

Get Advice

When you partner with GroupOne you gain access to revenue cycle veterans. Get the best advice when it comes to self pay, ICD-10, credentialing, growing your practice and more.

GroupOne Health Source Reviews
"Working with GroupOne is a pleasure. 
They are quick to respond to any coding or claims questions that I may have. My liaison, Cori, is great! We have conference calls on a regular basis, and I get everything my office needs to maximize our payments.” 
-Tiffany Vu, Office Manager, Tampa Cardiac Specialists
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Schedule a demo of GroupOne's RCM services. Learn how we can help you increase revenue and prepare for ICD-10.

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